Evolution:Canon 40D

Today I am going to talk about an antique-grade camera, which can be said to be antique, for me, because it is my first SLR camera.

The 40D uses 10.1 effective megapixels, APS-C CMOS, and uses Canon’s latest DIGIC III digital image engine. The nine cross-shaped focus points and a continuous shooting speed of 6.5 frames per second give the 40D a greater potential for high-speed response than its predecessor. In addition, the EOS integrated dust removal system was introduced and there were some changes in the fuselage design.

The EOS 40D’s top line is quite similar to the EOS 30D, while the EOS 5D has no built-in overhead flash, and the top line is more rounded. Turned to the back of the machine, it is immediately attracted to the EOS 40D’s 3-inch LCD screen, and includes a number of buttons such as MENU, which are moved above or below the screen. Please note that the addition of an “AF-ON” button in the upper right corner of the EOS 40D will enhance the choice of starting AF.

LiveView Instant Preview is the first Olympus to be used on the digital SLR body, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of similar DC composition, and also save the purchase cost of the right angle viewfinder, which is convenient for special angle framing. Press the “SET” button in the center of the shuttle jog dial to turn on the instant preview. At this time, the reflector will rise and the CMOS will be powered on for live view. The LCD can choose to display grid lines for easy composition. However, during the instant preview viewing, the camera will perform automatic metering, but the lens should be manually focused.

In general, the Canon 40d is an old machine that lags behind most SLRs now. I am still using it, but it is not so frequent.

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